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21/07/08 1 COMMENTS

Well it is a new week and time to resume work on the jPod.  Yesterday, Senior Management and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  I had made some plans for the day to treat my woman out.  We ended up doing some of them.  She actually wanted to work on the jPod together for part of our celebration.  How much more could I love this woman?!  So we did some work on the jPod.

I undercoated the trailer while Senior Management sanded our plywood joints down.  We worked out a final design for where the doors and windows will be and then cut the holes for them.  We also started the internal structure.  You can see pictures of our progress on Body:External. We need to finalize some details for the galley (mostly where to put supports in the walls that we will tie in to.

After some work, I took her out on the town and we celebrated properly.

Senior Management in the doorway

Senior Management in the doorway

Today, I hope to get the sides put together with their internal structures and ready to start the ceiling spars.


1 Pattimom
11:05:23, 28/07/08

Thank you for sending this to me this link. I hadn’t seen this. I now want to drive over there right now and look for myself. Great reading – just takes us through the process. And Senior Management using the saw…….(make sure she keeps all her digits!)
Good and excellent job! We are very impressed.

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