Senior Management and I have had a busy couple of weeks.  We bought a new house, moved to it, and the day after moving I had a nose surgery.  The best news is that when we moved the jPod to the new house, it went really smoothly.  I hardly knew it was behind the Jeep.  This is great news.  It is the first pull of the trailer since it had a body.

The new garage has a ton more space than the previous version so “jPod time” will be possible even when the snow falls in a couple of weeks.

A future tear drop builder friend sent me a picture of a tear that is on display locally (Coeur d’Alene, ID).  I wasn’t satisfied with just the photo so I went and checked it out in person.  It is built by “Mary Janes Farm”.

It is a very simple tear.  Only the fan has electricity.  The battery is not vented to the outside & isn’t gel.  It looks like the craftsmanship is ok but not spectacular.  It has a solid aluminum floor & no insulation of any kind (hard on the northwest camper).  It is a nice classic “American Apple Pie” sort of style tear.  It is quite attractive.

Here are a few shots & a video clip.

A member of the michenchell forum found who manufactures this trailer.  It is a Retro Traveler trailer.  Actually, it is much cheaper if purchased directly from Retro Traveler.

Until Next time!