Finishing Touches

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In an earlier post, I stated my goal of getting the entire jPod weather tight before July 24 (Our first excursion in the jPod was this past weekend.  You can read my report on our first trip here).  Thus, I have worked night and day (quite literally) to achieve this goal.  The good news…I made it & the external phase of the jPod is complete.  I need to put a few more coats of paint on the doors & I’m done.

The bad news…I have a lot of updates to make to this website.  I have added over 100 photos to the Body:External & Body:Internal pages.  Plus I have changed or added write-ups on the build processes.

What do I have to finish?

The Brightside paint takes 17 hours to dry.  The jPod body has 3 coats of paint on top of 3 coats of primer & then 2 coats of epoxy.  However, I have noticed that it takes longer than 17 hours for the paint to truly harden up (probably about 30 hours).  This is why I only put one coat of paint on the doors for this past weekend’s trip.  So, the trailer was weather worthy for the weekend but I still want a few more coats of paint on the doors.

This goal would not have been met without my friend Nathan & Senior Management’s help.  They both worked several days with me in 100 degree weather to cut aluminum, trim, paint, seal, glue, and do all of the other things that were needed to meet my deadline.

I have added a new poll to the side of the website page.  Help me decide if a pinstripe or a vinyl graphic would be best on the outside of the jPod.

Check out the updates on the  Body:External & Body:Internal pages.  Here are a few teaser photos:

Inside walls are finished

Inside walls are finished

Outside not done yet but getting there.

Outside not done yet but getting there.

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