Is this addiction?Recently, I have been manifesting addictive behavior with regard to teardrop & tiny trailers.

  • I was driving home from work one day and shot a picture -with my cell phone- out my window of a 1960’s Chevy pulling a new small Airstream.
  • I think a teardrop trailer cereal for kids would be awesome.  The marshmallow shapes could be all the different trailers in the Hall of Fame.frame-01 (click to see it larger)
  • Last night, I was watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith and in the middle of the last gun battle the two “sexy” Hollywood stars are blowing things up left & right and I noticed -& got excited about- what appears to be a small yellow TAB (or close to it) trailer in the distant background.  See the two frames I pulled from frame-02 (click to see it larger)the video on the right (another addictive behavior).  Signs of sickness?  I’d rather think about teardrop trailers than watch a movie.  I guess that is good and healthy.

I suppose one of the reasons that I’m so taken with the teardrops & tiny trailers is the benefits our build has already created.  Senior management & I have been able to work side-by-side on a project that is fun & encourages active bonding (literally in the trailer & inter-personally). A fellow trailer builder (Cliffmeister) found a video the captures these & other benefits of the teardrop.  It explains why many people (including myself) build teardrop trailers.  It is posted under “What is a teardrop Trailer” or you can just click here.  It is all about relationships.  Senior Management finds it hard to believe when I cry-out in the middle of a movie, press pause, and advance frame-by-frame until I find the TAB trailer in the background of an action scene.  She says I’m addicted.  I say I love her so it is OK to be addicted to her.  Perhaps we need more bonding time with the jPod.

Shifting Gears:

What does the immediate future hold?  This teacher is on spring break and going to spend a few days in Canada with family.  No progress on the jPod but guaranteed progress on catching up on sleep and dreaming of teardrop trailers.  Cheers!