Yesterday, I awoke feeling good (7 straight hours of sleep!).  This is a rare event because of the wheat allergy.  Usually, I am awake at night with itching, a migraine, breathing problems, or stabbing pains.  A good night of sleep is often motivating.  It is just one more reason I am glad Senior Management and I are building the jPod and working on other ideas for dealing with the allergies.

My hurricane hinge came yesterday from Grant at Lil’ Bear Teardrops.  You can see photos of it on The Galley. He is a great merchant.  The hinge was shipped in 5 ft of 2″ PVC pipe.  No chance that it would get damaged.

I purchased some electrical components yesterday and researched my finish options.  I stopped at West Marine in Spokane and asked a ton of questions about fiberglass finishes.  I have decided to epoxy the outside and then paint over it with a marine grade primer and paint (read more on Body:External).  Senior Management also worked on a design for a graphic on the side of the jPod.  We want it to complement the color of the finish we choose for the outside of the trailer.

I finished framing the second wall and insulating both walls yesterday.  This means it will be a warmer trailer in cool weather and cooler in hot.  It was a very productive day.  At one point, a gust of wind came and knocked over my walls (which I was sanding).  Luckily, one of my clamps sacrificed itself to spare the walls damage.  The clamp took a pretty good beating.

The first major casualty

The first major casualty

Senior Management and I put the first coat of epoxy on the bottom of the walls (where they will rest on the trailer). I’ll also undercoat them before gluing and fastening them to the floor of the trailer.

I plan to patch, sand, and start the epoxy on the walls today.  Senior Management pointed out that it would be easier to do it now (when the walls can be horizontal) than once they are permanently fastened to the chassis.  This is why she is Senior management and I’m Middle Management.