Hatching a Plan

26/09/09 2 COMMENTS

I had a few days off of work this week so the jPod got a little work.  We’ve had a camping trip planned since last year that we’ll do in a couple of days.  I made this trip a bit of a deadline for some work on the jPod.  I’ve been pre-warping a piece of plywood for the inside of the galley hatch for about 2 months.  Finally the time came to install it when I was cleaning up the garage.

The galley hatch got wired, insulated & skinned.  It was a bit of a crazy process but eventually worked.  My goal is to have it finished with the same finish I used in the cabin & lights installed in the next few days.  I’ve posted some updated pictures under Galley.

We’re supposed to get our first frost this week & that means that I need to get some other finish work done on the jPod before it is too cold to do.  So I’ll be working on the galley, cabin cabinets, & floors.  Then I’ll wire the whole thing together after the frost & it will be done.

The end is in sight.


1 Cliff Neff
16:03:02, 27/09/09

Looking good! You may camp in that yet! 🙂

2 jpodbuild
22:30:08, 27/09/09

Oh, we’ve been camping in it. It is just a matter of getting it done while we use it to camp!

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