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22/07/08 0 COMMENTS

Today is a good day!  It is always a good day when it rains because it cleans all of the airborne wheat out and I can breathe (No dust mask for the first time in almost a month).  It is also a good day because we got one of the walls completely framed up.  See all photos on Body:External.

Sunset as we finish framing a wall

Sunset as we finish framing a wall

To finish the framing of the right side, Senior Management and I had to determine some general features of the Galley.  I made a very rough drawing of the galley and we framed it in according to that drawing (the drawing is found on Galley).

Since we decided to skin and insulate the insides of the walls before putting in the roof spars, I need to finish my electrical diagram for the jPod quite soon.  This way, we can wire the walls up before we put the roof together.

Many teardrop experts have said that a builder must always be thinking ahead.  I echo their statements and think that it is almost necessary to have the entire process figured out (in general) before starting.  I am glad that I spent as much time planning as I did.

We have had a lot of curious neighbors stop by.  There were very few visitors until the sides started to go up.  Now it is more than just a trailer and something to watch with interest.  It is also fun to chat with everyone who stops by to share ideas and ask questions.

Today, I will work in the garage.  It is tight but not too bad.  It floods like crazy and is basically rotten through but it hasn’t fallen over yet (I wish it would).  I plan to finish framing the other side and start insulating.

Oh what a great day!

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