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20/03/09 0 COMMENTS

Well it is about time I got around to this.  I have been meaning to add features to this website for some time.  Here are the newest additions/changes to

Picture from 1947 Mechanix Illustrated "Trailer for Two"

Picture from 1947 Mechanix Illustrated "Trailer for Two"

  • New Header Image – I needed an image that actually had a picture of the jPod in it.  When I started, it was only an idea so I simply put a picture of my Jeep (the tow vehicle).
  • Search Engine – You can search my website now from a search utility at the top right of every page.
  • Poll – You can determine my future.  Take my poll (on the right) and decide where the jPod will go on its first trip.
  • Historical Magazine Articles – A lot has been written on teardrops & tiny trailers.  I have posted my fav. 17-20 historical articles (dating back to 1921) under the “What is a teardrop Trailer section”.
  • RSS Feeds – I’ve made it easier for you to keep up with the jPod build progress.  The jPod build feed is easier than ever to find (the feed isn’t new it is just easier to find).  Simply click on the orange icon on the right and updates will be automatically sent to your web browser or email.

Thanks for reading this site.  There have almost been 20,000 visitors to see the jPod.  I appreciate your comments & ideas.

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