It looks like a little silly story about my free sander has made it big (record number of hits in a day).  This is sort of ironic since my website is not about sanders but my trailer build but I’m happy for the attention just the same.

My blog “Craftsman but not Techmen” was picked up by Consumerist & Gizmart.

Read my story as featured on Consumerist

Read my story as featured on Gizmart

I am now famous for enduring a disorganized tech support event.  There are some critics of my writing (mostly from Sears Employees it seems).

Here is some further information about this issue in the form of my response to some quality criticism of my blog post.

Consumerist, Thanks for featuring my blog about my sander problem. I was happy to receive a new sander but it made me wonder about some parts of corporate America.

FYI – the main number I called WAS 1-800-4myhome. My sander was NOT under warranty. There was no mention of a 2 year 10% plan. It was a simple replacement job. They did say they could send it to Seattle (NOT Texas) for repairs but chose not to do so, I assume, out of frustration.

I spent about an hour at Sears & 3 hours doing the run around on my local Sears Parts store number (509) 482-5600, 1-800-4my-home, and the website.

Craftsman does guarantee all of their tools.  However, they won’t replace power tools unless they are under warranty or recalled.  This is what makes my story a bit unique.  My sander was neither recalled or under warranty.  I was simply in the right place at the right time with the right frustrated Sears employees.

With all of this said, I am happily using my new Craftsman sander and will continue to happily shop at Sears.