New Teardrop Manufacturer

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recently, I was driving down the highway past an RV lot when I saw a teardrop that I didn’t recognize.  I realize that I have a sickness for these little trailers when I can merely glance at one, while traveling at 70mph, and know that I must explore it further.  Off the highway I drove and into the lot.

I jumped out of the Jeep and started shotting photos of the new little teardrop with my phone.  The salesman came out onto the lot to sell me on it.  He told me about all of the economic advantages of the teardrop.  He kept saying “it looks small but it really has a lot of space.”.  I humored him for a time before telling him that I have built my own.  The conversation flipped then and he started asking me questions.  It was fun to share the history of an RV with an RV salesperson.  Most of it he claimed to not know.  I also told him that I’d share a copy of the “Overland America: Teardrop Trailers” film with him when I’m done with post production and start distribution.

Back to my original goal: find out who the new kid on the block is for teardrop manufactuing.  So, here are the vitals:

The name of the company is Three Feathers MFG.  They are based in La Grande, Oregon.  Obviously, the manufacture teardrops for general sale but their website also says that they will do some custom work on orders too.  Essentially, what Three Feathers is doing is taking two of the homebuilt style campers (teardrops & cargo conversions) and commercially manufacturing them.  From my brief time inspecting one, the craftsmanship looks good and the trailers are economical.  They don’t have all the luxuries of home but isn’t that why we go camping?

Visit their website

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