LED Light Upgrade Bundle

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Upgrade ALL of the dome and porch lights on your teardrop with 3 Dome Lights that switch between Red and White LED and 2 LED porchlights.  These LED lights install simply and use a lot less energy than conventional bulbs.

LED Dome Light - Red/White LEDs

There are many lighting options out there, but few look great in your teardrop trailer. At Overland Trailer we chose this great light as our LED upgrade option. It blends just the right amount of classic look and energy saving technology. This dome light features a switch on the light for simple wiring and 3 screw surface mounting for ease of installation. A surface mounted LED down-light, with switch. Switching on the white light gives you brilliant illumination. The red LEDs may not wake your sleeping partner, attract fewer bugs, and keep your eyes fresh for viewing those starry nights.

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LED Oval Porch Light

A great porch light over each door of the trailer allows you to easily see the outside camping area.  These LED Oval Porch lights have a brilliant clear lens for maximum illumination and an amber lens to attract fewer bugs while still offering great light.  The LED light uses less power than our basic conventional light unit -giving you more efficient use of on-board power.

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