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Our Classic Teardrop Trailer Trailer since 2007!

Get outside and camp like your own personal hero with this great 5′ x 8′ teardrop trailer.

The 58 Heald teardrop camper is an aerodynamic, light, comfortable, vintage-looking trailer.  Its interior queen size mattress and hand-built cabinetry assure relaxation and organization on any camping trip.  The versatile galley is a great place to cook up nearly anything you desire.  The 58 Heald teardrop trailer is a great way to get away!

We’ve designed the 58 Heald to be as maintenance free as possible so that your time is spend doing what you want…traveling! The CNC machined parts ensure tight seals and a strong body, and the stainless steel exterior won’t oxidize or easily crease -like aluminum exteriors do- which makes it easy to keep looking nice and clean.

This little trailer is so light and usable that it can be pulled by any car with a 2000 lb towing capacity or better.

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Quality is Pride of Workmanship

– Something to be passed down to the next generation  –

The Overland Teardrop Trailer is made from as many quality materials and parts from our local area (Pacific Northwest) and nation (United States) as possible.  These quality parts not only make your trailer the best quality possible but also supports many other small businesses.

The following is included in every teardrop trailer:

  • Durable and easy to clean American stainless steel exterior skin & our custom made mirror-finished stainless roof trim.
  • Durable and in house custom welded American steel chassis
  • The best quality locally-sourced Birch plywoods and solid-cedars for the hand-crafted cabinetry and trailer body
  • A 6″ cozy standard queen-sized bed
  • Two American made doors with smoked windows with latches and deadbolts.
  • Locally finished powder-coated fenders, chassis, and wheels (color of your choice) for a long lasting finish.
  • An in-shop custom monogrammed interior cabinet with the first letter of your last name
  • Full sized wheels and tires (including a spare tire for no extra charge).
  • Marine grade parts for lasting weather & durability.
  • 12V and 110V power outlets in the galley and cabin.
  • Galley and cabin lighting
  • An efficient fantastic roof vent and fan
  • A fully functional rear-hatch galley with stove and space for a cooler and other kitchen tools and supplies.
  • Made in the USA custom lettered glass lens replica model-A tail light.
  • Computer cut parts to the nearest part of a millimeter for the best fits & durability possible.
  • Lifetime Customer Support

Trailer Specs

Basic Trailer


  • 2″x1″ C channel steel frame -primed & painted to your specifications-
  • Deck Size: 5’x8′
  • Tongue Length: 3′ 5″
  • Total Chassis Length: 11′ 5″
  • Total Chassis Width (including fenders): 9′ 6″
  • #8 Dexter Torflex Torsion Axle with Easy Greasing Hubs (pic)
  • Rounded Steel Fenders -primed & painted to match your specifications (pic)
  • 2 Adjustable Rear Stabilizer Jacks (pic)
  • A-frame trailer coupler (pic)
  • Safety Chains
  • 7-pin molded wiring harness with on-frame storage clip (pic)
  • LED Running lights -Amber & Red- (pic)
  • Mounted Swivel Jack with Caster Wheel (pic)
  • 175-80-13 Bias Ply Trailer Tire
  • 13″ Steel Wheels -primed & powder-coated the color or your choosing (pic)
  • Mounted Spare Tire -with Chrome “baby moon” hubcap- (pic)
  • Glass Lens Model-A Tail Lights (pic)


    • Exterior
      • Body Size: 5′ wide x 8′ long x 4′ tall
      • 3/4″ Birch Plywood Walls -2 coats of UV stable finish-
      • Amber Porch Lights (pic)
      • 20 gauge Stainless Steel Roof Skin
      • 24 gauge Stainless Steel Wall Skins (pic)
      • Large Smoked Glass Exterior doors with locking & dead bolted latches (pic 1) (pic 2)
      • Optima Marine Deep Cycle Gel Battery -blue-top- (pic)
      • Battery Maintainer
      • Weather-proof Exterior 110V access port (pic)
    • Cabin Interior
      • Baltic Birch interior Roof Skin
      • Insulated Roof
      • Mattress: Standard Queen 6″ thickness- (pic)
      • Custom hand-built solid wood cabinets (pic 1) (pic 2)
      •  12V & 110 V Accessory Outlets
      • Low voltage Fan-tastic Roof Vent (pic 1) (pic 2)
      • 2 LED Interior Reading Lamps (pic)
      • 1 Marine Grade Chrome Finish Dome Light (pic)
    • Galley Interior
      • 2 Marine Grade Chrome Finish Dome Lights (pic)
      • Custom Solid Wood Cabinetry (pic)
      • Stainless Steel Counter-top (pic)
      • Shelving with storage bins
      • Camp-Chef 2-Burner Stove-top (pic)
      • Slide out Cooler Access
      • 110V -GFCI- & 12V Accessory Outlet (pic)
      • Blue Sea Fuse Block (pic)


  • Does Overland Trailer Ship Trailers to Customers?
    • Yes, we do.  Most of our customers choose to pick up their new trailer in person but shipping is also an option.  We contract with a 3rd party shipping company to deliver your new trailer.  The rates of shipping are calculated on a per trailer basis and the shipping costs are in addition to the price of the trailer.  Overland Trailer does not mark up the cost of shipping but simply charges what rate we are quoted from the third party shipper.
  • How do I License my Teardrop Trailer?
    • Every state seems to categorize the teardrop trailer differently for licensing purposes.  It is best to contact your local state or providence department of licensing to learn exactly how much and what kind of license is needed for your area.


  • Does Overland Trailer offer Financing for trailers?
    • There are three ways to easily finance your trailer:
      • Check out with PayPal and Apply for PayPal Credit for 6 months interest free financing
      • Put a non-refundable deposit of $1000 down on your new trailer!  Then Overland Trailer will build your chassis and issue you a VIN number that you can use to get an RV loan at your local bank or credit union.  Once the financing is transferred and clears the bank to Overland Trailer, we’ll build the rest of your Teardrop Trailer.
      • Two payments – The first payment is 55% of the total price of your trailer + upgrades.  The remaining 45% is due in 30 days.


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