Yesterday, I wired the cabin of the jPod.  Then Nathan (a good friend and faithful reader of this blog) and I insulated it with 1″ insulation.  The R values of the insulation dropped the temperature in the cabin considerably.

In our discussion, we determined the best physical places for various electrical components.  I am going to run a 12 gauge extension cord from the electrical panel in the cabin over the roof to the battery on the tongue box.  This will be strong enough to last a very long time and will not require conduit.  I also chose to put the cabin wiring in a separate line on the roof for the sake of space.

Seperate Wiring for 12 lighting

Separate Wiring for 12 lighting

I have received my harsh environment living hinge from McMasters.  I am quite impressed with it.  It will hold 100 lbs. per square inch and supposedly is next to impossible to damage.  I will use this hinge on the two side doors.

Senior Management skinned the side doors yesterday.  They look great and she did an awesome job.

Today, is my last day as a teacher on vacation.  I am going to try to get some more work done on the jPod before tomorrow.  After that, it may be a while before I can work on it more.