Below are some of my favorite teardrop links.  I have categorized them for easier browsing.


  • Tiny Tears – This website is full of plans, ideas, stories, history of td trailers, & much more.  A great resource.


  1. Mikenchell – Pretty much THE forum on teardrop trailers.  All sorts of construction secrets, advice, and example projects to view here.  I’ve spent a good share of my life on this forum.
  2. Tearjerkers – This is an international community.  Simply Google for your local chapter of the tearjerkers.  Typically, these forums are concern camping trips, gatherings, etc. and not building advice.

Example Home-made Tears:

Most of my learning has come from watching others build their projects on-line.  Here are some of my favorite home-built tears.

  • Halfdome build – Danny did a great job on this polished aluminum trailer.  He has some unique ideas for electrical and galley concepts.
  • Dave & Louise’s Teardrop Trailer Website – A great site of an off-road build to be pulled by a Jeep.  Plus, Dave and Louise keep regular updates of their travels with their teardrops.
  • Camping Classics – several pictures of several tears here.  Some awesome woodwork and neat storage ideas.
  • Bruce & Jean’s teardrop build – This site is a bit awkward but there are a few good ideas here.  Bruce ends up making his own swamp cooler for his tear.  Also, if you want to store a small trailer-sized spare tire, Bruce has a good picture of what many people do.
  • Bob and Sharon Richert’s Teardrop – A pretty good site.  Bob has detailed specifications and examples of all the items he has equipped his trailer with.  He made a hot water tap for this tear.  It is a pretty unique design.  Plus, he has a material supplier list and another teardrop links page.
  • Larry & Diane Sorensen’s Outback Teardrop – This site has had 3/4 of a million hits.  It is THE build site on the Internet.  Larry and Dianne no longer run the site but you can still visit it.  He builds a burly off-road teardrop.  It has been criticized for being way overbuilt (and it is).  But there are so many ideas, parts, and resources on this site that even the light-weight builder should visit.
  • Richard Flake – Richard has made several trailers and is a good craftsman.  He’s got some good storage ideas and some nice aluminum work.
  • Nick’s Teadrop – Nick builds and likes vintage tears.  He has some great pics of vintage trailers and lists of resources for reading and building.
  • Desert Dawg – Joanne’s build is well thought through and explained.  She is one of my favorite builders because of her attention to detail, eye for design and color, and her intuitive designs.  In my opinion, a visit to her site is a MUST for all potential builders.
  • Cocacolateardrop – this is simply a Photobucket gallery but you can see photos of many teardrop builds.  There is even a teardrop with a slide-out.  I believe it would hold a queen sized bed.  Interesting idea.
  • Jim’s Teardrop Camper – Jim is a great craftsman and produced a very nice looking trailer.  He has photos, comments, and drawings on his site.
  • The Luxotear – This is a nice website with photos of trips, building, and plans.
  • Tom Swenson’s Teadrop – Tom’s teardrop trailer site was the first teardrop trailer site I visited.  This is where I learned the possibilities of teardrop trailers and some design ideas.  Tom has comprehensive build photos and comments.  He even has a few trips documented as well.
  • Blogical Thoughts – This teardrop was built by a computer programmer.  Programmer’s apparently make good tear sites because this site is loaded with detailed photos and product comparisons.  He has also documented numerous trips on this site.
  • Fred & Annie’s Poop Sheets – If you want to know any technical information.  These poop sheets are a must for your reading.  They are detailed and clear about the differences between different products or electrical components for RVers.
  • My “kinda-sorta” teardrop build – Built by a Jeeper named Jim.  This is a unique trailer that fits the Jeep look with some of the comforts of a tear.  Also on one of my other fav. forums.
  • Vegasdrop – This site is currently sporting violent colors (I think there is a computer error).  Ken has made quite a nice little black trailer on this site.  He has some fun ideas for trailer jacks and the use of space behind the fenders.
  • Paddlehead Gallery – This trailer is a home-made Camp Inn style trailer.  I like many of the Camp Inn features and Paddlehead took that design and added to it.  I like the galley ideas.
  • Keith B’s Gallery – This trailer is the same size as the jPod and built very well.  Keith built his body completely separate from the chassis and has turned out quite a functional and nice looking teardrop.  He has a unique and great idea for fenders (I didn’t use it but I still admire the design).
  • – A friend who is just starting his first build.  Should be fun to watch the progress.


  • Generic Benroy Plans – Written by Mike Schneider (the site Administrator for Mikenchell forums).  These are invaluable plans.  Read them if you plan to build.
  • Tear Drop Trailer Chassis plans – Put together by a professional welder named Doug who also makes teardrops.  This is a great “how to” for those who may be timid about making their own chassis.  I used it some for my build.  I probably would have used it more but I already had my ideas in mind and some experience welding.
  • Trailer plans – All CAD drawings of a variety of teardrop trailer plans.  A great spot to form ideas.
  • Vintage Plans -old school from post WWII era plans for several different designs.  These are fun to see the history of tear dropping.


This is a short list of my favorite video links concerning teardrop trailers.  There are hundreds of them out on the web but I think these clips are the best that is out there.

  • The Travel Channel – The TC featured teardrop trailers in one of its reports on American RVs.  This is perhaps one of the most suscint, well organized clips on tears and other tiny trailers.
  • Mary & Miron Local News Feature – This couple represents the teardrop quite well in this local news report.  A nice quick look at teardrop life.
  • Teardrops & Tiny Trailers Preview – A book recently published by Douglas Keister featuring T&TT.  This is a video clip promoting the book.  Douglas has put together some of the best photos of teardrops & tiny trailers and included some interesting reading with each trailer.  This book is a must have for any teardrop owner.
  • Caravan Travel – A feature from across the pond in the UK.  This clip is yet another look at a teardrop and its use as a small RV.
  • Little Guy in the UK – A short and somewhat cheesy feature of the Little Guy Trailer.  It does offer some unique teardrop features (e.g. a beer tap).
  • A slide show – Just a series of photos of teardrops with some music.
  • A do-it-yourselfer – This is a great little report from Tennessee about a local teardrop builder.  He is quite relaxed & easy going.  This video also gives some of the history of the Teardrop.

Related Links:

  • Joe Harmon’s Splinter Wooden Sports car – Joe is building a wooden car that can go 240mph.  It is his senior project for grad school and well worth a look.  It may not seem related to building a tear but his sites are filled with construction ideas and materials that can be adapted to a tear build (including a home-made vacuum bag set up).  There are three places to visit for this project: Link 01, Link 02Link 03.
  • All Terrain Camping and Survival Trailer – This is an example off-road trailer (non-teardrop).  There are some good ideas here & the trailer is kind of fun.  Set-up time is much longer than a tear though.
  • Camp Cook – A forum created by Joanne (The Desert Dawg Trailer Builder).  This forum is all about food for camping.  I have left a few posts on this forum (mostly concerning the Camp Chef Outdoor Oven).
  • Northwest Overland Society – A great site for those who like traveling off the beaten path.  Beautiful photos of driving tours.  Offloading combined with one of my other hobbies…Ham Radio.