What is a Teardrop?

Anyone who has ever owned (or used) a teardrop trailer can tell you that the most often asked questions are:

“What is it?” “Is it for your dogs?” “Is it for your camping gear? It’s too small for anything else!”
If you are someone who has been asked these questions, you already know! If you are someone who is asking the same or similar questions, here’s your answer …!

In the most general terms, a teardrop trailer is a comfortable, convenient, and compact CAMPING TRAILER! Most often, it has a streamlined “teardrop” shape, especially the original types from the ’30s, ’40s, and early ’50s. There is room for two people to sleep comfortably inside. And there is an area for cooking outside under the rear “hatch” or “galley lid”

A typical teardrop is 4′ wide, 4′ high, and 8′-10′ long. Some are as big as 6-1/2′ wide, 5′ high, and nearly 12′ long. Most have the wheels & tires outside the body covered by fenders, while larger types often have them inside the body.
To the best of our knowledge (and our research is FAR from complete), teardrop trailers as we know them first appeared in the very early 1930s. From then until about 1975, someone somewhere around the world was producing and marketing these little gems to varying degrees of success. Plans to build you own were also available from several “do-it-yourself” magazines of the time. The teardrops popularity skyrocketed in the years after World War II, partly as a result of the returning GI’s wanderlust, and partly due to the improved roads and cars of the day. They were, and are, a convenient and economic way to get out and experience the beautiful and wonderful countries we all live in.
Teardrop trailers are NOT an exclusively American phenomenon! We have seen examples from Canada, England, Australia, and Germany, to name just a few. And we fully expect to uncover models from other countries, as well.
What can TOW a teardrop?

Just about anything! Jeeps, Corvettes, family mini-vans, classic cars, pickups, Mercedes-Benz, Geo Metros, hot rods, Harley-Davidsons and Honda Goldwings only scratch the surface of available choices. The only real question is: “What have you got?”

—This is an excerpt from the Tales & Trails website.¬† Click Here to visit them.