It has been a while since my last post & update.  Senior Management & I have been focused on the jPod more than the jPod website.  But for all of those people who have been keeping up, here is what has been going on.

I started teaching again so my life came to a complete stop.  However, Senior Management has been putting in the hours on the jPod getting it ready to be primed & painted (see Body:External).  She has spent hours of mind numbing time sanding the roof skin of the jPod, filling in holes with Bondo, and sanding the roof skin of the jPod.

I have put some time into the progress.  Mostly in helping to apply layers of epoxy, a bit of sanding, and coordinating people.  Friends and my parents have been volunteering to help with this project.  It is quite fun to do something like this as a way to hang out.

Lunch is cooking on the Camp Chef

Lunch is cooking on the Camp Chef

Nathan (who comments on this site) and I calculated the required voltage for a convection toaster oven and realized that the battery on board wouldn’t stand a chance against a pizza in that toaster.  So I searched & found a solution to the power problem.  We purchased a Camp Chef Outdoor Oven (Pictured in The Galley).  It has two burners on top and an oven that can hold a 9×13″ pan.  So Back-country Lasagna sounds like my kind of roughing it.  I need to move the galley counter up 1.5 inches but I built some height flexibility into the wall framework and that should be no problem.  My mom tested the oven by making lunch on it one day while dad, Senior Management, and I worked on the jPod.  Excellent food from a great Camp Chef product.

Our goal is to have the jPod sealed up and weather worthy by the end of September.  We’ll keep pluggin’ away and see if that is actually possible.  I am gone all of next week for work so time is getting short.