The Cycle

16/07/08 1 COMMENTS

Yesterday I got quite a lot done (although it doesn’t look like much).  I went through the cycle of painting the bottom of the floor four times with Rust-oleum and then putting automotive undercoat on it.  It turned out quite well. I have added photos of the process to Body:External.

I also finished a wiring issue I had with the chassis and replaced the wire nuts that came with my light kit with splice clips.  The clips are much more secure and reliable.

I started diagramming the electrical for the body.  I’ve had it in my head but I need to get it on paper so when I start wiring I won’t screw something up.  When my diagram is done, I’ll post it.

Last night, I went to enjoy two of my other passions.  Bicycles and photography.  My neighbor (and one of my former students) is on a race team.  He is quite a good rider (avg about 25 mph).  He had a race last night and I went and shot about 500 photos.  He was in the same race as someone who I will have as a student this coming school year.  My future student actually won the race and changed categories to Elite.  It was a fun night.

Crit ride

Crit ride

Today, I have some paperwork to finish for the chassis inspection on Friday, I’d also like to start cutting out the profile in the wall pieces and putting in the wall framework.  We’ll see how it goes.


1 Nathan Henson
15:18:34, 19/07/08

Make sure to put dielectric grease in all connections. . . especially if you ever intend them to get wet or possibly installed them in a hard to maintenance location. There is some in my garage if you look closely enough. I have another can in the Jeep for me current and probably future needs.

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