The Lolo Red Carpet

06/06/10 4 COMMENTS

Recently, I was doing some spring cleaning (cleaning up some hard drives) when I found some forgotten film footage from last summer (2009).  It is of the jPod’s second trip -but first off-road adventure- on the Lolo Motorway in the Nez Perce National Forest.

If you have not read the adventures of the Lolo Motorway, you may consider reading the following three links:

Here’s the short video I made of our trip with Nathan, Erin, Carl, and the jPod crew.  Senior Management and I have watched this final cut several times and both agree that we must do this again.  Be sure you watch to the end as I tossed in an extra.

Driving the Lolo Motorway Aug. 2009 from overlandtrailer.

Nathan, Erin, Carl, Heather, Mark, and the Cougar Bait drive the Lolo Motorway in the Nez Perce National Forest, Idaho. It was a 4 day journey and a great camping experience.


1 Nathan
20:08:59, 06/06/10

Great results come from spring cleaning and a little bit of editing. Thanks for sharing the memories.

2 Patti Schultz
23:18:23, 15/06/10

I love this movie! Beautiful! If your intent was to interest others in getting out and doing the same, you succeeded. Awesome shots.

3 Brad Benedict
06:49:21, 18/06/10

Looks like it was an awesome trip.

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