The Teardrop Effect

31/07/08 0 COMMENTS

Much has transpired recently.  I had quite a violent allergic reaction yesterday that delayed progress on the jPod but today was a bit better.  I put a new filter in my ventilator and went to work.

Pocket holes hold the bulkhead together

Pocket holes hold the bulkhead together

Since it has been hard for me to be outside, I’ve been fabricating some parts for the jPod in my wood shop.  I built the bulkhead which will separate the galley from the cabin.  I chose to use pocket holes for this.  I have built several pieces of furniture using pocket holes for 4-5 years and I like their strength and ease of use.  Maybe I’ll post some photos of some of my furniture on here sometime so readers can see what can be done with pocket holes.

I finally got my shipment of marine paint from Wholesale Marine.  The order was perfect and right on time.  Props to that company (I have updated my review of them on Material Suppliers).

This is somewhat depressing because it means I'll have to do a lot more sanding.

This is somewhat depressing because it means I'll have to do a lot more sanding.

First thing today, I used the Interlux 202 stripping agent to remove the residue from the fiberglass.  Fiberglass leaves a film on the outside as part of the curing process.  That film must be removed before sanding or sanding will just press it into the fiberglass and not really remove it.

Then Senior Management and I sanded the sides down again (2 hours with both of us and it is very nice).  Then we raised the walls (many more photos on Body: Exterior).  It is actually starting to look like this trailer could happen.  The moment the walls went up, people started walking up the driveway to chat with us so our work was a bit delayed this evening but that is part of the process.  The teardrop effect has already taken hold of observers and it is turning into a good way to meet people.

Tomorrow, I plan to wire the walls, skin the insides of the walls and start putting in the roof spars.  I have been working steadily on the jPod but a lot of the work isn’t obvious (sand, epoxy, sand, epoxy, sand…..) so it is nice to have a day when major changes took place.

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