Workin' in the Shade

07/08/08 0 COMMENTS

A lot has happened in the past few days.  I have spent some time working on the jPod.  Senior Management and I have also had to deal with some aspects of reality in life as well (all of which are distracting from the build).  The good news is that the internal roof skin is now installed.

Skinned just before it got dark

Skinned just before it got dark

I have read about the process to put the skin in but haven’t been able to find photos on the Internet so Senior Management shot photos while I prepped the skin for installation.  It was fairly easy.  On our first try, the skin was just enough too wide that there was too much friction to move it into position.  With all of the attempts to push it into place, I cracked one of the pieces of skin.  So out it came and I glued it up again.

The real way to put the skin in is with boiling water.  You can read more about this process on Body:Internal.

Today, I plan to do some spot checks on the internal skin to make sure everything is tight.  Then I’ll run the router through the vent hole in the ceiling and along the back where the galley hinge will be.  Next will be wiring and insulation.  I think I am pretty pleased with my wiring diagram on Body:Internal and plan to stick pretty close to that design.

Since my last post was a while ago, I have shot many new photos (about 60).  I have put some of the better ones (for illustration purpose not quality photography) on Body:External & Body: Internal.

With the roof in, soon I’ll be workin’ in the shade!

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