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Husband, Father, Entrepreneur and Educator

I built my first Teardrop Trailer in 2007 and now I’m here to help you build yours.  I turn dreamers into campers.  Let’s create something great together!

Welcome to Overland Trailer!

I made Overland Teardrop Trailer as a place to
inspire you to build your own teardrop trailer.
Dive in and start your own!

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Why Camp in a Teardrop Trailer?

Simple, light, quick setup, low-impact, super comfortable. See photos of other DIY and commercial builds. Learn more about my story with Overland Teardrop Trailer.

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Build it Once, Build it Right! Shop for teardrop trailer parts, building plans, media, books, and gifts as you build your own Teardrop Trailer.

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I help you Jumpstart your own teardrop trailer build with expert advice. Access the feature-length Teardrop Trailer Documentary! Get my original Teardrop Trailer Plans & more..

Teardrop Tales

Read and Watch our adventures camping in a Teardrop Trailer. Listen to the Simple Camping Podcast for more tales!


Cooking Essentials for Teardrop Trailer Camping - recipes, camp cook gear for the teardrop trailer, and more.

Teardrop Trailer Rentals

Experience the freedom of teardrop camping without having to buy or build one. Try it out!

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