One of our favorite things to eat when camping is canned apple sauce on pancakes. Every year we make some sauce to use through the winter as well as on our spring & summer camping trips.

This year, I picked the apples myself at Hansen’s Orchards at Greenbluff, WA. I chose a blend of gala & Macintosh apples. The gala is very sweet & the Macintosh tart. It made really good sauce.

In addition to the sauce, I wanted to make some cider. I made my own press out of scrap wood from the jPod build. The pressure of the press caused the press to catastrophically fail (it was impressive). So I re-purposed some steel from a basketball hoop that I cut down in front of our house when we moved in last year. That proved strong enough. I could take 3″ of apple pulp and press it into about 1/2″ with my new steel press.

We processed everything on our two camp stoves to keep the house cool.

Here is a video & a few photos of the process: