Teardrop Trailer Adventures

How We Camp in Our Teardrop Camper

These are my Teardrop Trailer Adventures!

“I built my first Teardrop Trailer (the JPod) in 2006.  At the time, I had no idea how impactful that one trailer would be on my life.  That first trailer has lead to so many camping adventures, so many new friendships, so many wonderful customers, a feature film, and so many more wonderful memories.”

Mark (Founder of Overlandtrailer.com)

Teardrops for Zoe

This week we shed teardrops for Zoe (aka “Little Gray”).  This is a hard blog to write and contains some descriptions of violence.  The emotions are raw and fresh.  Our little camp loving doggy Zoe (aka Cougar Bait) died this past Labor Day weekend.  The worst part is that it …

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Camping Music Festival

The ULTIMATE camping music festival is Woodstock.  There is no argument there.  Imagine hearing Jimi Hendrix wake you in your sleeping bag with a ripping version of the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock.  That must have been amazing.  Camping & Music go together like Peanut Butter and Jam.  It is …

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Road Flares & Ice

 “I want to be the condensation on the glass. I want to be that phenomenon that takes place between hot and cold.” – Terrence Howard Road Flares & Ice are both features of my camping experience.  Let me explain. At the Overland Trailer production shop this past week, it …

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Do The Math!

Do the math, it never lies! A key to camping in a teardrop trailer is efficient use of space.  Like backpacking, it necessitates careful packing and self-examination of what one needs when camping. When we built our first teardrop trailer, we had concerns over space.  We were tent campers and …

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High in the Mountains

“He climbed cathedral mountains, he saw silver clouds below He saw everything as far as you can see” – John Denver It is rare, in my life lately, to have a vacation or break away.  There have been a lot of curve balls in the past year.  I started saving …

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