Teardrop Trailer

Historic Cowboy Camp Cookin’

 Cowboy Camp Cookin’ is one of my favorite topics.  I’m not a country music fan, know how to ride a horse, wear chaps, or know anything about tending cattle.  My interest derives from camping and recreational vehicles.  Long time readers of this blog will also recall my affection for cast iron and camp cookin’ …

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How To Sell Your Camping Gear Fast

 Selling Your Camping Gear, large RV, or teardrop trailer fast is an art.  Knowing how to price, what to write in the copy, and what photos to shoot for Craigslist or Facebook can be challenging.  In this post, I’ll share my tips to help you sell your gear fast.  Plus, I’ll use real Craigslist …

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Boondocking and Teardrop Trailers

Boondocking and Bears are a lot of people’s fear.  One woman told me that if she went boondocking, bears would eat her, and no one would ever find her again.  Crazy fears! Boondocking is actually an interesting term.  It seems to be taking on a number of different meanings.  Some people consider themselves to be …

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Tent vs. Teardrop Trailer

Do the math, it never lies! A key to camping in a teardrop trailer is efficient use of space.  Like backpacking, it necessitates careful packing and self-examination of what one needs when camping. When we built our first teardrop trailer, we had concerns over space.  We were tent campers and hadn’t had an RV of …

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