Greetings! We are Mark & Nathan.  We are campers and creators at heart.  Our company was born as the result of a chance encounter at a concert.  Mark bumped into some people who were asking about his teardrop trailer build (read more).  At the end of that conversation, they asked Mark to build them one.  Mark called Nathan that night and the company was born.  Those people became our first customers and we named our 58 Heald Model in their honor.As two former educators, one purpose of our company is to teach.  We’ve run a work study program for high school students in which we teach them everything about our business.  We also feel that it is important to raise our children with a good work ethic and financial knowledge.  We also love teaching the community how great camping in a small trailer can really be!Our greatest joy in this venture is helping  minimalist campers, for over a decade, achieve their dreams of striking out on the road -in nearly any car they like- while dragging their luxury bedroom & kitchen behind them.  We love seeing our customer’s travel pics and stories.  It is a great way to camp!We are stoked to be able to help so many people.  We now offer trailers, a feature documentary film, kits (coming soon), and more.  We are enthusiastic about teardrop camping and excited to help you into a teardrop trailer!Mark & Nathan

Nathan "Metal Man"