Geek & a Green Screen

I’ll have a Green Christmas

“Christmas … is not an eternal event at all, but a piece of one’s home that one carries in one’s heart.” –Freya Stark


Christmas for a teacher, such as myself, is an event that I look forward to as much as my students.  It gives time for me to take a break from 12hr+ work days to sleep, read, and hang out with the people I know and love.  This Christmas is a bit different.  Oh sure there are the omnipresent cookies, parties, and invites to be with family but a great deal of my Christmas season is being spent on the Overland America Teardrop Film.

I am seriously geeked out on this thing.  For years, I have owned and operated an audio recording studio as a side hobby/business.  After approval for the funds to do the teardrop film, I began making changes to the studio so that I could do my editing and post-production in house.  A recent addition to this set up is my new green screen.  I am new to green screen use but I am eagerly learning all the tricks to making it look good.  At this moment, this is the part of the project that most motivates me.  Hours are rolling by as the slow and meticulous process of editing is taking place.

The film is coming into shape a few minutes at a time.

As snow is blowing outside (but not so much that I need to shovel again), I’m going to spend my Christmas season inside with Senior Management, the little Assistant the Senior Manager, and the Cougar Bait.  However, the days around Christmas will find me sprinting in and out of the studio as life and editing collide.

Merry Christmas to all my readers and may we soon realize peace on earth.

OH…. and Happy Festivus.  This year’s feats of strength will be epic!

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