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“There’s a straight loud shot that was the start of it…” – The River Empires

Several years ago, I went to a concert to see a band , “Paper Astronomer” (they recorded in my music studio), open for a pretty well known band “Falling Up”.  Little did I know the connections that would be made that night.  Here we are in 2011 and I am stoked to be working with Nick (from Paper Astronomer) and featuring music from artist Jessy Ribordy’s band (“The River Empires”). His other band is “Falling Up”.

Sound-tracking the teardrop trailer documentary is one of the last steps.  We are literally hours away from a preview copy of the teardrop film.  The awesome part is that Nick and Jessy are willing to help with the music.  With about a 45 min documentary on my hands, writing a soundtrack to it is a mammoth task -at best.

The great thing about this documentary is that it has brought so many people together to share their passions.  It has required the work of  teardrop restorers, campers, and manufacturers, film experts, and musicians.  The result is that this project features many people’s generosity and talent.

As a side note, it has created a whole new network of friends and connections that I never could have imagined I’d ever make.

Admittedly, two of my greatest interests and passions is the teardrop trailer and music.  Either one will inspire me to make something.  Two of my most anticipated musical albums right now are the new “Falling Up” and “River Empires” albums.  You simply MUST check them out.  They’re good people and great musicians.

Here are some links if you’d like:

The great news is that the film is almost wrapped up.  There will be some previews to work out the kinks and it will be officially produced and done August 2011.  We’re still working out distribution for it.  I’ll be posting updates on that.  I’ll also put together a quick preview of the film to be viewed here in the next couple of weeks.

Happy camping!


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