Power to the People

Last Friday night was stuffed food night made with power tools that I usually use on my jPod trailer build.

Senior Management & I made stuffed peppers.  Here is the recipe:

Stuffed peppers:

4-6 Red or Yellow Bell peppers
1 cup of rice (dry)
10-12 mushrooms
1 tsp. Mongolian Fire Oil
Smoked Gouda Cheese
A pound of protein (Chicken, beef, TVP-Total Vegetable Protein).

Steam the rice.  While the rice is steaming, chop mushrooms and clean out bell peppers around stems.  Shred cheese.  When the rice is cooked, mix all but the cheese together.  Spoon into the open cavity in the bell pepper.  Layer rice and cheese until full.  Top with Cheese to seal the pepper.  Stand upright in foil to keep the juices inside the pepper.  Cook in a 350 degree dutch oven for about 20 min.  Peppers will blacken on the outside.  When baked, removed peppers and serve.  Before eating, pull the blackened tough part of the skin off (it should come off easily).  The tough outer skin allowed the inside skin & stuffing to steam.  Don’t eat all of the peppers at once.

For desert, I made baked apples with a power drill.  I have finally posted my first cooking show episode.  I have wanted to demonstrate how to core an apple or pear with a drill bit for a while.  I purchased a 5/8 in bit and cored an apple and made baked apples for dessert last week in my 10 iron (dutch oven).  For me, the video is painful to watch.  I know I’m nerdy but man it is really bad in this.  I can also tell I am a teacher because I explain everything.

My parents stopped by for a few min. and helped us pound down the apples.  I can honestly say that I have never had a baked apple better than the ones I made for this video clip (recipe is in the video).  Since I can’t be on Ironchef America, I thought I’d make my own video to share with the people.

2 thoughts on “Power to the People”

  1. jeremyandlaura

    Power to the people…right on. I am a first-time viewer of your show. I’m going immediately to check if my wife keeps the drill bits in the kitchen drawer or the kitchen cabinet! Seriously, I liked the video. And thanks for the peppers recipe, too. ~ jv

  2. I was looking for a baked apple recipe for our camping trip. I LOVE your idea! Thanks for sharing!

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