Teardrop Trailer Gifts

The 2021 Teardrop Trailer Gifts

It’s Here! Your Ultimate Holiday Gifts for Teardrop Trailer Community.

Every year, this teardrop trailer community grows as more people build their own teardrops or purchase one.

This year, I wanted to recognize all of the amazing customers and community members we’ve had at Overland Trailer this year with the 2021 Teardrop Trailer gift list.

It Starts With Teardrop Builders & Campers

I started by combing through the stories that teardrop builders and campers have told me this year.  There are adventures and misadventures.

Here’s the Story

This year is a bumpy one for many campers.  Not just because of world events but more of the Overland Trailer campers took to the trails more than ever.  With health concerns over camping grounds, these builders turned adventurers chose to drive off of the end of the road to find what is out in the wilderness.

I’ve heard from so many of you.  Seen so many amazing photos of where your teardrop trailers have traveled.  I had to do something to pay tribute and give back to this community as well.

Take the Trails

The design I chose for this year’s gifts is made of small elements from so many people’s 2020 camping trips.  From a campfire next to the trailer (Thanks Pat!) to a desolate mountain campsite (Thanks Mayakya!) each element of this design echoes your camping adventures.

Likewise, we had a record number of teardrop trailer home builders this year.  CNC technology is growing in popularity among the home-builders.  As a fairly nerdy guy, I’ve appreciated what CNC has done for Overland Trailer since 2009.  Your enthusiasm to learn a new technology so you can go camping inspired me.

The Intentionality of These Teardrop Trailer Gifts

With the world and national economies in flux this year, I doubled down on my usual family-owned business mantra “Make it as local as possible.”

So, everything on this list was put here to support local small family-owned businesses.

The ornaments are, like our trailers, proudly made here at Overland Trailer in North Idaho using local resources and labor.

The Mug Rugs are a great mini camping placemat and all hand quilted by one of our teardrop trailer owners

ALL other products, books, and media are printed in the USA.

When you shop from this list, you too are supporting these small local businesses and families!

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