Teardrop Trailer Plans

Build Your Own DIY Teardrop Camper

So you want to build a DIY teardrop trailer! You’re researching drawings, materials, costs, government regulations, finishes, features, and planning countless trips to hardware stores.  It’s a big task for such a small camper, isn’t it?

Why DIY Teardrop Trailer Plans

In one sentence: “You can get all of the right information from someone who’s already figured it out.”  Then let your creativity fly on top of a great base set of plans.

A good set of teardrop camper plans:

  • SAVE TIME – Figuring out how raw materials will fit together and which ones are the best is time-consuming.  It shouldn’t take hours and many websites to find the most important things you need to know before building!
  • SAVE MONEY –  Minimize building material waste with cut lists that efficiently use as little material as possible.  Get just the right parts to build it right and build it once.
  • MORE CONFIDENCE – peace of mind that the trailer you build is watertight and made for a lot of use.

DIY Teardrop Trailer Plans by Professionals

The Overland Teardrop Trailer DIY Plans are the exact plans we’ve built our commercial trailers from since 2008.

It is unlikely that a first DIY build produces a great set of plans but plans that are in regular use for years make a really great teardrop trailer build.

Our Plans for DIY Teardrop Campers are optimized for minimum waste and cost.  The build processes are streamlined for efficient use of time – while keeping the high-quality outcome that we’re known for in our commercial teardrops.

Mark (Owner at Overland Trailer) is a 14-year experienced educator who is a master at explaining difficult topics to people (Pre-Calculus, analytical geometry, US Government). That “teacher” skill set is fully present in these plans.

What is in the plans?

  1. Diagrams for every step of the teardrop trailer build.
  2. Tools and Safety Gear lists
  3. Cut Lists (with reference to wood grain direction, smart use of materials)
  4. Video Tutorial Links
  5. Government Inspection Tips

Take Your First Step

Get your first set of Overland Teardrop Trailer Plans and start building your own teardrop camper.  We suggest starting with the teardrop trailer frame.

Your Success as a Teardrop Builder

Keep it simple – that’s what teardrop camping is all about.  Save time, money, and build confidence with a great set of plans.  Put your fingerprints all over these plans with all of your creative camping wants built-in.

Confidently drive away from home with your own teardrop trailer knowing that it is pre-tested through real plans, and still has all of your creative touches.

You’ll be camping in your own DIY Teardrop Trailer before you know it!

Not quite ready yet?

If you want more information, spend some time with Mark as he shares from his experience building teardrops in the Expert Tips Video Lesson.

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