Teardrop Trailer Frame – Wiring Plans


Running lights for your teardrop trailer frame will always work with these wiring plans.


There is no frustration greater than having the tow vehicle loaded up, everyone buckled up, and then discover that your tail lights, side markers, or blinkers aren’t working.

Duplicate our wiring that lasts 10+ years with minimal maintenance in our commercially produced trailers!

Do your trailer wiring ONCE and do it RIGHT!  These plans are videos, pictures, schematics, tool lists, upgrade options, and everything you need to have trailer lights last 10+ years with little to no maintenance.

Get these plans and get on the road knowing that your wiring is reliable and long-lasting.

Pre-order these full-color Printed & Spiral Bound plans for special introductory pricing.

Plans start Shipping in July 2021!

Available on backorder

The Overland Teardrop Trailer – Wiring Plans are top-notch!

Most teardrop trailer frame wiring is made from cheap components and based on a poor plan.

These plans teach you about the qualities of materials needed to make long-lasting trailer frame wiring, the methods for installation that is fast and saves on material costs, and the tools that make this installation solid, fast, and easy on the body.

These trailer frame plans use a standard 7 blade RV wiring connector because it offers a durable connection and additional options for the teardrop trailer builder who may want to add a few extras to their trailer.  Easily add backup lights and 12V charging to the trailer battery from the tow vehicle’s electrical system.

Included in this Full-Color Printed Plan:

  1. Trailer Frame Wiring Schematic
  2. Breakdown of all required Parts
  3. Wire types & Lengths
  4. Connection Types
  5. Installation tools
  6. How-To Videos
  7. Photos of the process
  8. Wire Management tips for a long-lasting installation.


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