Teardrop Trailer Ornament – Dingle Dangle

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Just like Santa, we’re in our workshop all year making teardrop trailers for happy campers.  In this building process, we generate a little bit of material waste.  We save it, repurpose it, and make these great holiday ornaments out of the same materials that go into our production model teardrop trailers.

We have limited waste to make these from so there are a limited number of ornaments.

For every ornament sold, we’ll donate $1 to a local school’s maker space where students learn to use tools, CNC machines, #D printers, electrical circuits, smart devices, and much more.

Each ornament has a unique serial number and is signed by its maker.

This style of the ornament will only be offered in the 2018 season.  Any future ornaments will NOT be the same.

Free shipping in the lower 48 United States.

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