Teardrop Trailer Stainless Steel Water Bottle


This Teardrop Trailer Stainless Steel Water Bottle is a great way to take your water with you on an adventure or just around the house.

This bottle features the “Take the Trails” Off road Teardrop trailer logo that is based on the teardrop adventures of the numerous Overland Trailer owners.

Hydrating when camping is essential, why not do it in style? This perfect size stainless steel water bottle has a safe closing to keep bags and trailer dry.


Why Teardrop Trailer Stainless Steel Water Bottle?

A good stainless steel water bottle is constructed from food-grade stainless steel that is non-reactive, meaning they won’t leach harmful chemicals when filled with liquids of any temperature.  Unlike other water bottles, stainless steel are some of the safest on the market for health and keeping water contained -even with a drop, bump, or crush.  Although stainless-steel bottles are more prone to denting when dropped, the material won’t crack like its plastic and aluminum alternatives.

.: Lightweight stainless steel
.: 14 oz (0.41 l)
.: Plastic screw top
.: Comes with open and close carabiner and key chain ring
Weight N/A


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