Teardrop Trailer Travel Journal


This teardrop trailer travel journal is the perfect companion for a camping adventure.

When I started Overland Trailer in 2006, I started documenting our many trips in our trailer, collecting notes from people we’ve camped with, pressing plants into the journal’s pages, and capturing the smells of the outdoors and campfires.  Years later, I still love reading those pages all stained with rain, dirt, and mosquito guts.  That’s why I designed this travel journal.


The Teardrop Trailer Travel Journal

This 118 page spiral notebook with ruled line paper is a perfect companion for your teardrop trailer adventures. Durable, printed cover makes campers proud to carry it everywhere and document their adventures.

Need Ideas for using this journal?

  • Journaling – For hundreds of years explorers have documented their adventures.  You can do the same with your teardrop adventures.  But I expand it.  I also collect quotes from the wonderful people I’m camping with to record their reactions too.
  • Storing nature – Sometimes I find a particularly wonderful piece of plant life, a feather, or a tuft of fur. I’ll keep those little finds in the journal and write a few comments about how I found it and why I thought it was interesting.
  • Guest Book – Camping in a teardrop trailer is bound to attract people.  In fact, journaling the conversations I’ve had with loved ones and random strangers are some of the best memories.  I also invite those guests to leave a note in my teardrop trailer travel journal for me to read later!
  • Recipes – Did I tweak a camp dish to make it particularly good?  Did someone else share their camping food idea with me?  I write it down.  Then those dishes aren’t gone and I can camp with them again.
  • Blogging – Have you read the Overland Trailer Blog?  If you have, then you’ve read material straight out of my teardrop trailer travel journals.  Not only do my journals act as a primary record of my adventures, they help me share those memories with my larger community.
.: Front cover print
.: 118 ruled line single pages
.: Black back cover
Weight N/A


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