Welded Teardrop Trailer Frame Plan


Build a clone of the Overland Teardrop Trailer Frame to fit any sized teardrop camper with these plans.

All plans, tutorial videos, build methods, and materials lists are here.  These are the exact plans and methods that we use at Overland Trailer when we build our commercial trailer frames.

These plans include:

  • Materials list – All steel components
  • Recommended Tools List – Two options explained for the exterior finish (Fiberglass & Metal Sheeting) with diagrams, recommended seals, trims, and installing the Overland Trailer hurricane hinge.  Interior processes and finishes are also detailed for life long durability and a clean look.
  • Body Electrical Schematic – Complete schematic and explanation of the trailer’s electrical system and all parts involved (including where to source them)
  • Mounting the Body to the Trailer Frame – How physically mount the body to the frame and tie the electrical system from the frame to the electrical system of the body.

This product is in production and taking PRE-ORDERS at an introductory sale price!

These are full-color PDF downloads.

These plans will be available Spring 2021.

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