Spring Arts Propoganda

The high school that I teach at has an annual Spring Arts Festival.  For the evening, the student’s creativity is put on display.  There is quite a list: welding, photography, quilting, cooking, pottery, painting, gymnastics, instrumental numbers, singing, and much more.  This even pulls in about 500-700 people.

For this year’s festival some co-workers & their families teamed up with Senior Management & I.  We made an outdoor booth.  Nathan brought his Jeep with the Roof Top Tent (which indirectly inspired my jPod build). Mel brought his teardrop trailer (as it is so far).  He has the Chassis complete, the walls built & insulated, the floor made & sealed the bottom with epoxy.  Senior Management & I couldn’t get our trailer to the school gym (because of weather) so we featured Dutch Oven Cooking.  Senior Management & Nathan’s Wife helped finish them off.  I made them with a power drill again.  Then we cut them into pieces & people were able to sample them.  The only problem we had was with the Granny Smith apples.  They went from being rock hard to exploding into apple sauce.  Luckily, I made apples in both the 10″ oven & the 14″ so we had a backup.

All in all, it was a great evening and we networked with many parents & community people.  I may be going to help teach a Dutch Oven class and we met more people who we can camp with.  Check out the pics below.

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