Worth Reading: Trans American Trail

Several times in this blog I have mentioned my friend Nathan and the help that he has provided for the jPod build.  He is also the one who has a Jeep with a roof-top tent which inspired me to talk with Senior Management in the first place.  Ultimately, she rejected the idea and we finally found the solution in a teardrop trailer.

Nathan and his wife have been traveling the Trans American Trail for the past two summers.  It is a trail that starts in Tennessee and ends in Oregon.  Off-road driving the entire way.

As they were driving it this year, they met a bunch of Model-T owners who are driving it as well. It seems that they were driving it as an anniversary for the use of the Model-T in American movement.

His blog is filled with interesting stories and great pictures.  Not only it is interesting but it is the type of camping that Senior Management and I hope to do too.

Visit their site here:  http://lakenative.blogspot.com/

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